FLASHBACK: 'The Brady Bunch Movie' Turns 20! On Set With the Grooviest Cast of '94

Get your potato sacks ready! We're heading back to the set of 'The Brady Bunch Movie' in 1994.

The Brady Bunch Movie turns 20!

Grab your potato sacks, because we're racing back to 1994 when ET was on set with the groovy cast.

"We have to take ourselves very lightly and laugh a lot at how silly we feel in wearing clothes that haven't been worn for 20 years," said Shelley Long, who plays matriarch Carol Brady in the movie.

"They're incorporating about five or six key, very memorable Brady episodes -- one of which Marcia gets hit in the nose with a football," Christine Taylor, who plays Marcia, told ET on set.

And it wouldn't be Brady a film without an epic dance number, but the cast wasn’t too fond of their colorful outfits.

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"We've been counting down the days until the last day we have to wear them," said Jennifer Elise Cox, who plays Jan. "Today's our last day, yay!"

But aside from the rainbow-colored clothes, the cast had little to complain about.

"We instantly bonded," said Cox. "We instantly thought of each other as family, as The Brady Bunch."

Check out this video for more on set with the grooviest Brady cast of ’94.

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