This 'Titanic' Fan Theory Could Change the Way You Watch the Movie Forever

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What if Titanic isn’t an epic love story set against the backdrop of a maritime tragedy? What if Titanic is actually an epic...sci-fi movie?! That’s what one fan theory making its way around the World Wide Web proposes.

The theory started with someone named Matt on Facebook before going viral on Tumblr. Here’s the gist of it “Jack from Titanic was a time traveler that was only there to save Rose from committing suicide and altering the timeline.”

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20th Century Fox

The scene he’s referring to is when Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) finds Rose (Kate Winslet), hanging off the back of the boat, ready to throw herself into the ocean, and manages to talk her off the ledge.

“This may seem ridiculous but think about it for a moment,” it says. “If Rose jumped to her demise then the ship would have stopped to look for her. The temporary delay would lead to warmer weather and the Titanic would have never hit the iceberg. This is also why Jack made it a note to spend so much time with her, his job was to ensure her survival.”

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It still sounds ridiculous. But there’s evidence to back up his time travel theory, some more convincing than others:

1. “[Jack] mentions fishing at Lake Wissota [in Chippewa Falls] which is a man-made lake created in 1917, five years after the Titanic sank.”
He says this in that same scene, when he’s telling Rose about the time he fell threw the ice while ice-fishing as a boy and it felt “like a thousand knives all over his body.”

2. “He claims he will take Rose on a roller-coaster on the Santa Monica Pier which wouldn’t be built until 1916. How else would Jack have knowledge of these future places?”
While telling Rose about his past, Jack says he sketched portraits for ten cents a piece near the roller coaster.

3. “Jack doesn’t have any currency in this time period so he has to gamble in order to get the ticket in the first place.”
In the opening scene, Jack is seen winning the tickets in a poker game...but you have to assume he used money to buy into the game in the first place, right?

4. “His haircut seemed completely out of place for the era, furthermore that rucksack wasn’t common until the late ‘30s.”
What can we say? When you've got Leonardo DiCaprio and his head of hair, you don’t waste it.

We love a good fan theory, but this one probably just means director James Cameron wasn’t very good at fact checking. There’s one not-so-small fact that seems to debunk this: Rose was alone, aside from Jack, at the back of the boat, so no one would know if she threw herself in the ocean in order to stop the ship.

Then again, it’s not like Cameron has never done time travel before (The Terminator). So why stop here? Maybe Jack also disappeared into the ocean in Titanic and woke up on the beach at the beginning of Inception? Or, in an alternate timeline where he doesn’t die, we get The Great Gatsby?

Enjoy young Kate and Leo in this throwback to when Titanic first came out: