14 Things You Need to Know About 'Independence Day 2' Lead Jessie Usher

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Almost 20 years after the Will Smith starring blockbuster movie hit theaters, Survivor's Remorse actor Jessie Usher is set to star as the actor’s son in the highly anticipated follow-up.

Sadly, Will will not be returning for the sequel, but Usher share the screen with Liam Hemsworth, and returning cast member Jeff Goldblum.

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While Jessie is kind of a fresh face, we know his name will be everywhere soon enough. So here are a few things to help you fall in love with the dude who will probably be saving the planet in 2016.

1. Born February 29, 1992 in Maryland, the 23-year-old was like barely alive when the first Independence Day came out. According to Jesse's Instagram, he likes to think of this as his "Jordan Year."

2. He is currently the lead in Starz's pretty great basketball series, Survivor's Remorse, produced by NBA star LeBron James.

Oh, by the way...

3. He's fit AF.

Because he had to get into that NBA star shape!

4. He learned a lot from the Fresh Prince.

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5. He dresses up for Halloween just like us.

6. Jessie loves to have fun just like us.

7. He uses emojis and takes screen grabs like any phone addict.

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8. Family is important to him.

9. He loves to post pictures of big cats with symbolic messages.

10. He went skydiving and got pretty emotional about it.

11. He posts silly Snapchats.

12. He met Missy Elliot.

13. He's ALWAYS got some bangers for the gram!

14. Last but not least, he's not wrong.

Keep going, Jessie!

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