Miles Teller on 'Fantastic Four' Franchise: I Don't Have All the Pressure of Spider-Man

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Miles Teller has proven he can take on just about anything.

He wowed us as the quick-handed drummer in the Oscar-nominated Whiplash, he intimidated us as the untrustworthy Peter in The Divergent Series, he even stole our hearts as Sutter in The Spectacular Now – but his upcoming gig as Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four reboot is on track to be his most anticipated project yet.

ET caught up with Mr. Fantastic himself who told us why he's not feeling the pressure of leading the team in the newest superhero franchise.

"What's great about this one is that there are four of us," Teller told ET. "If I was offered Spider-Man today or if I was offered another [superhero role], it's nice that I don't have all that pressure. You can kind of lean on your castmates."

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Starring alongside Teller in the reboot is Teller's That Awkward Momentco-star Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm (a.k.a. Human Torch), Kate Mara as Sue Storm (a.k.a. Invisible Woman) and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm (a.k.a. The Thing).

Our first official glimpse of the film shows a darker, grittier version than the other Fantastic Four films we've seen in the past.

"It was the first footage that any of us had seen from it. I remember being on set not too long ago and me, Mike, and Kate saw it for the first time and we were just all impressed," said Teller. "You don't know the tone of it or how they're shooting or what their vision is for it until you see it."

We'll see Teller next in Insurgent out March 20.

Fantastic Four hits theaters Aug. 7.

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