EXCLUSIVE: Anna Kendrick Explains the 'Terrifying' Feeling of Making 'Into the Woods'

The actress talks about recording "On the Steps of the Palace" in a behind-the-scenes look at the movie.

For those who got to see Rob Marshall’s adaptation of Into the Woods know it’s a magical experience watching Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, and Anna Kendrick bring these fabled characters to life on the big screen.

The film is also a big deal for any Stephen Sondheim fan. The prolific composer -- responsible for Company, Into the Woods, Sweeney Todd, and other shows -- has been making his mark on musical theater for over 40 years.

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And considering the pressure of living up to Sondheim’s legacy and doing his Broadway musical justice, you can’t blame the film’s cast for being stressed -- especially Anna Kendrick, who performed an updated version of “On the Steps of the Palace.”

“It was great and terrifying to be in the recording studio and have Stephen Sondheim knock on the door in between takes and hand you freshly scribbled new lyrics--and I’m just singing them,” Kendrick says of her big solo number in a behind the scenes featurette. “I don’t know what’s happening right now. This is incredible.”

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Kendrick and the rest of the cast sit down to tell the story of making the Disney film, which garnered an Oscar nomination for Streep’s performance as the Witch. All of their interviews can be watched when Into the Woods hits the small screen via the all-new Blu-ray combo pack available on March 24.

Listen to the full version of Kendrick's performance below: