This Amazing Lego Remake of 'The Matrix' Lobby Shootout Might Be Better Than the Original


Everyone remembers the slow-motion lobby shootout from The Matrix. Even if you've somehow never seen the film, you know that scene. It's an icon of action cinema, and was, at one point, one of the most beloved, imitated, spoofed, ripped-off and re-enacted scenes in movies.

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Now, over 16 years after the film was released, YouTube genius Snooperking -- who was also responsible for last year's epic Lego version of the Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens trailer -- has crafted this breathtaking, loving re-creation of the iconic action sequence.

Filled with more guns than you could shake a gun at, along with the film’s trade-mark slow-motion bullet dodging and wall-walking, this tribute is everything a Matrix-fan could want.

Especially the surprise twist ending.

Although, it is admittedly a little unnerving that all the Lego mini-figures have smiles on their faces as they are getting blown apart or murdering people. That’s a tiny bit of nightmare fuel, but the rest is shockingly spot on.

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For an understanding of just how great it really is -- and because it’s always fun to have an excuse to revisit great movie scenes -- check out the original lobby battle below.

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