Watch Ronda Rousey Recreate Her Epic 'Furious 7' Fight Scene With Michelle Rodriguez

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UFC champ Ronda Rousey is having quite a moment, starring in two big upcoming movies (Entourage and Furious 7), but just because she's gone Hollywood doesn't mean she's gone soft.

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At 28 years old Ronda Rousey has already made history, attaining the fastest UFC Championship title in just 14 seconds. She brought those killer skills with her to the set of Furious 7, where she faced off with Michelle Rodriguez.

"They found me this long, gold Herve Leger dress that I had them cut two slits into it so I could throw knees," Ronda told ET's Kevin Frazier. "The next day I was covered in bruises. I was beat up more than I was in my last three fights combined."

Her statement isn't so surprising when you consider that her last three title fights have only lasted an average of 32 seconds.

Despite Ronda's reputation for slaying opponents, her Furious 7 co-star, Michelle, was thrilled to be shooting an action scene with the champ.

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"She's a beast!" Michelle raved to ET's Brooke Anderson. "It's like a really cool movement that's going on of empowering women."

Ronda gave Kevin a play-by-play of the fight moves she did with Michelle, putting our host flat on his back.

"When I'm fighting I like to show that ambition in a woman is something that should be celebrated," Ronda told him. "When I do shoots and things like that I try to show that strong can be the new sexy and healthy is the new skinny."

With Ronda's new career as an actress, her dating life is constantly brought up, but her answers apparently haven't been satisfying.

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"They're demanding an explanation for me being single," Ronda said. "They're like, 'You're single? Explain yourself!' I'm like, 'Why? I'm busy, man. I've got some stuff to do. I'm really busy.'"

While the majority of her attention may be focused on her career now, Ronda did admit that she would like to settle down in the future.

"Of course I want to meet somebody one day," Ronda said. "I am an ovarian gold mine. Genetically I owe it to the human race to reproduce."

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At the end of her ET interview, Kevin was still feeling the pain of what it's like to be in the ring with Ronda, so he decided it was time for a little payback for ET producer Steve Wilks. Watch the video to see the demonstration.

Furious 7 opens April 3.