Here's How Much Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence and More Make To Star in a Movie

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Leonardo DiCaprio was paid HOW MUCH to be in The Wolf of Wall Street?!

A new issue of The Hollywood Reporter reveals what some of today's top movie stars took home for making some of their biggest movies, and while it's apparently not as much as it once was, these actors and actresses have very little reason to complain!

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Here's who is making the most for a movie today.

Seth Rogen: $8.4 million

The wide theatrical release of The Interview was cancelled after the whole North Korea situation, but the Sony hacks did reveal that Rogen pulled in $8.4 million for the movie.

Jennifer Lawrence: $10-$15 million

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
netted J-Law $10 million dollars and according to The Hollywood Reporter, she could potentially take home $15 million for another huge franchise movie.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: $14-15 million

The Rock got some big money for Hercules!

Angelina Jolie: $20 million

Though Angelina brought home about $15 million for Maleficient, her fee for Salt was $20 million, and she is expected to make that if they make a Maleficient sequel.

Matt Damon: $20 million

Though he wouldn't get it for his smaller movies, Damon's return to the Bourne franchise in 2016 will reportedly be worth it for about 20 million reasons.

Sandra Bullock: $20 million

After an initial $20 million, Gravity actually made Sandra over $70 million!

Leonardo DiCaprio: $25 million

For The Wolf of Wall Street. But we mean, come on, it's Leo!

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