'Furious 7' By the Numbers: Will Paul Walker's Legacy Be a Billion-Dollar Blockbuster?

Furious 7 is expected to make $100-million in its opening weekend, and ET was with the stars to get their take on how far the series could go.

Furious 7 is expected to break the bank with a $100-million opening weekend, and ET was with the stars to get their take on how far the series could go.

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"I know it's going to happen," Ludacris told ET about the $100-million prediction at the film's epic L.A. premiere.

"That's amazing!" Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson said. "It goes to show that fans love the series."

But perhaps no one is more enthusiastic about the film's opening than Vin Diesel.

"This is not going to be the Fast & Furious movie you see once. This will be the Fast & Furious movie you hold on to and embrace throughout the summer," Vin promised. "I feel like we haven't seen something like that since Titanic."

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According to Fandango correspondent Tara McNamara, "it's no question" that the Furious 7 debut will outperform the previous films in the franchise. The real question that remains to be answered is how the movie will do beyond opening weekend. Will Paul Walker's legacy be a billion-dollar blockbuster?

The movie is off to a good start. Tara tells ET that Furious 7 is on track to have the biggest April pre-sales in Fandango's history.

"It's actually outselling Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is the record holder for April right now," Tara said. "According to a Fandango survey, 83 percent of people who want to see Furious 7 want to see it on opening weekend. Ninety-six percent have seen the previous films and can't wait to see the final film."

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Furious 7, opening today, has been called the ultimate celebration of Paul Walker's life, and Vin made the ultimate tribute to his fallen co-star at the Los Angeles premiere.

"There's something emotional that happens to you when you walk out of this movie," Vin said. "You appreciate everyone you love, because you just never know when the last day is you're going to see him."