Anna Camp Reveals Keegan Michael-Key's 'Amazing' Cameo in 'Pitch Perfect 2'

Anna Camp shares 'Pitch Perfect 2' secrets including her favorite co-star, scenes with her man, and real-life friendships between the cast.

Things are about to get aca-mazing!

Pitch Perfect 2
hits theaters in a little over a month--May 15th to be exact! And if you've been watching the trailers on repeat, don't worry, you're not alone. (They've been playing on a loop since they first hit the world wide web.)

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Before we can officially see the Barden Bellas' crush it again on the big screen, ETonline's Sarah Flanigan chatted all things a cappella with Anna Camp, aka Aubrey, the group’s stern graduating leader.

"I think that if they[fans] loved the first one, they are going to really love the second one," Camp shared. "I would plan on dancing and singing while in the seats."

We expect nothing less than perfection from Elizabeth Banks directorial debut. The sequel includes cameos from Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews, real life a cappella group Pentatonix and… Keegan Michael-Key?

"I’m a big fan of Key and Peele," Anna revealed, sharing the news that comedian Keegan Michael-Key is not only making a cameo, but that his role is her favorite guest appearance of the upcoming flick. "He had a cameo and I think he's going to be amazing in it."

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When it comes to co-stars, Anna's already in aca-love with one leading man from Pitch Perfect, Skylar Astin, who plays Jesse. If you were hoping for some sort of on-screen action for this off-screen couple, sorry… it's not going to happen.

"We don't have any scenes together," the 32-year-old said of the two roles that crossed paths in the first film. "No we didn't get to work together but he's awesome. He's going to be great in the movie."

Whatever. At least we have the Bellas’ friendship to hold on to.

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"We actually are friends and I think that that's something that you can't say about every project of every film," she shared about her and her co-stars very real bond. "I think it really shows when you watch a movie if people are getting along and in fact we really are."

If seeing Anna here isn't enough for you, please don't panic. You can catch her in the upcoming Hulu original series, Resident Advisors, premiering April 9.

"I play a team building expert that they call in to inspire them to work together and I have a little bit of a stomach problem and I am very religious," she shared. "So it’s kind of like melding Pitch Perfect and True Blood, my roles together."

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Check out the video above to hear whether we'll be seeing any more of those vom-attack scenes Aubrey became so famous for in Pitch Perfect… and how Anna's parents felt about seeing her throw it all up on the big screen!

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