9 Reasons The Mariah Carey Christmas Movie Makes Perfect Sense

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It's because she's awesome! So let us count the ways...

Finally Hollywood has gotten its act together and realized that the one thing winter is missing is a Christmas movie starring Mariah Carey.

New Line Cinema is going to finance the flick, which is being developed by producer Brett Ratner -- who's recently been rumored to be dating the diva -- and his RatPac Entertainment company, along with Mariah herself, according to Deadline.

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Ratner assured movie goers that the holiday film "will be everything you hope a Christmas movie with Mariah Carey would be."

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While it might seem a bit odd that this is happening at all, when you really break it down it really couldn't be any more logical. Here are 9 reasons it makes perfect sense for Mariah Carey to star in a big-budget Christmas movie.

9. Everyone Knows She Owns the Season: Producer Jonathan Shestack, who is co-producing the film, referred to Mariah as "the empress of Christmas," and the moniker just fits so well! She's regal, dignified and can probably control snow with her mind.

8. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is the Most Iconic Christmas Song in Years: Her massively successful holiday jingle has sold more than 14 million copies worldwide and is one of the best-selling singles in history. That one song alone has earned more than $50 million in royalties and has been covered by almost everyone. It's because of this that her voice really is synonymous with the season of giving.

7. She Also Has The Best-Selling Christmas Album of All Time: 
Mariah's fourth studio album, simple titled Merry Christmas, has sold over 15 million copies worldwide and has been certified five-times platinum by the RIAA.

6. She Loves Celebrating All Holidays: It isn't just Christmas that Mariah loves to celebrate. Just this past weekend, she and her estranged husband Nick Cannon put their differences aside to take their kids Easter egg hunting. She treats holidays with the respect they deserve.

5. She Looks Amazing In Christmas Outfits: She just does. You can't deny that.

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4. She's Got Acting Experience: While her list of acting credits might not be quite as long as her list of musical credits, it wouldn't be the first time in front of the camera. After all, she did star in Glitter! This Christmas movie could be a chance for Mariah to team up with her Glitter co-star Da Brat!

3. No, But Seriously, She Can Be an Incredible Actress: 
It's easy to joke about Glitter (very, very easy), but in reality Mariah has proven her acting chops. Her performance as Ms. Weiss in the gritty drama Precious was critically acclaimed, and she was hand-picked by director Lee Daniels because of her equally impressive performance in a small film Daniels produced called Tennessee.

2. This Christmas Movie Could Have the Best Title Ever. Just picture it: A Very Carey Christmas!

1. Because She's Just Awesome: Mariah did not become a beloved international superstar because people DON'T like her. She's objectively an entertaining, gorgeous, multi-talented powerhouse and, quite frankly, it's surprising that it took this long for us to get A Very Carey Christmas.

Speaking of "All I Want For Christmas Is You," check out the video below for an amazing cover of the song, done in 20 different styles.