Watch Judd Apatow Completely Embarrass His Daughter at the MTV Movie Awards

Aww, Judd!

Aww, Judd!

The 47-year-old producer attended the 2015 MTV Movie Awards with his daughter Iris, and when we asked him about his best kiss, he gave an answer that got his daughter adorably embarrassed!

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"I guess the one that lead to Iris being born," joked Judd. "Whatever started that train."

At this point little Iris can't even look at the camera, and Judd adds, "Is that a terrible thing to say?"

To be fair, as Judd pointed out, we were the ones to ask!

Judd was supporting host Amy Schumer at the awards show, who stars in the upcoming movie Trainwreck, which Apatow executive produced.

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hits theaters July 17. After this awkward moment, who knows if Iris will accompany Judd to the premiere!

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