New 'Jurassic World' Trailer Showcases Badass Chris Pratt and SO. MANY. DINOSAURS.

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If you haven’t realized by now, the park is open. Probably too open, judging by the latest trailer for Jurassic World, which features Chris Pratt saying badass things like, “If we do this, we do it my way” and so many dinosaurs causing so much chaos.

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We also get our first look at B.D. Wong, reprising his original Jurassic Park role as scientist Henry Wu, and Vincent D’onofrio's Vic Hoskins, the head of InGen’s private security team.

Plus a quick look at Jake Johnson’s character Lowery, who appears to be some sort of tech guy? Might he be playing a Nedry type? Except not evil this time?

Peep that Jurassic Park t-shirt.

Then there’s the dinosaurs. So, so many dinosaurs. We get our best look yet at the island’s newest resident, the Indominus Rex, and find out how she escapes:


Is this our first look at the Tyrannosaurus Rex?

The goat is a direct throwback to J.P. and we already know it’s the same T-rex.

And lest you think the raptors are just Chris Pratt’s BFFs in this movie, it looks like they’re still up to their killing and eating humans shtick:

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Here's our first underwater view of the mosasaur in action:

Not technically a dinosaur, but still awesome. And if someone doesn’t end up in the water with the mosasaur, Jurassic World is wasting ALL of our time.

Some ankylosauruses, finally:

And a handful or hundreds of pterodactyl for good measure:

It’s nice to see the pterodactyl cage looks just as awesome as it did in Jurassic Park 3 (which was the only awesome thing in Jurassic Park 3, no offense Tea Leoni). Though things might not end so well for the pterries this time:


Jurassic World
opens in theaters June 12.

Before Chris Pratt was a huge action star, ET interviewed him on the set of Everwood back in 2002. Check it out:

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