FLASHBACK: Chris Evans Is the KING... of Gutter Balls in 2001 Interview

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It's gutters galore for Cap!

Long before Chris Evans was our beloved Captain America, he was the most popular jock in school in Not Another Teen Movie – though Chris insisted at the time that his real-life high school experience was far from his character Jake Wyler’s.

“I hung out with the jocks. It doesn't mean I necessarily was one,” said Evans. “I was just kind of there.”

SURE, Chris Evans.

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ET caught up with a-then-20-year-old Evans back in 2001, at a local bowling alley to talk about his big movie break in the glorious teen movie spoof – and one thing we learned from Evans? He may not have been a real-life prom king, but he is definitely the king of the gutter ball.


After countless attempts, Chris DOES eventually manage to knock over some pins. Check out this video for Cap’s redemption.

Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters May 1.

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