James Marsden Says 'Notebook' Fans Still Call Him the 'A--hole In That Movie'

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Fans of The Notebook aren't over it. They'll never be over it!

While The Notebook is in a lot of ways Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling's claim to fame, James Marsden -- who plays McAdams other love interest in the film -- had a different experience after the 2004 romance movie took off.

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"It's a very polarizing movie with regards to my character," he told Vulture of portraying Lon Hammond.

As you may recall, Lon gets engaged to Allie (McAdams) after she nurses him back to health following a few major war injuries. She later leaves him and returns to her first love, Noah (Gosling).

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Not only did Marsden not get the girl in The Notebook, but he said he gets criticized for it. "I hear people say that [they would've stayed with me]," he said. "Then I also have people coming up and going like, 'Ugh!' They're just disgusted by me."

"Like, 'How dare you get involved with their love? You are the a**hole in that movie,'" Marsden recalled of conversations he's had with fans. "I'm like, 'How is he an a--hole?' He was a great guy."

Sounds like these moviegoers are taking the romance film a bit too seriously.

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Marsden went on to star in another Nicholas Sparks-inspired film, The Best of Me, and this time he played the leading man. Check out ET's interview with the heartthrob: