7 'Pitch Perfect 2' Secrets to Get You Aca-Excited for the Sequel


The pitches are back and better than ever.

Rest assured: if you loved 2012's Pitch Perfect, this sequel delivers.

The pitches are back with a perfect blend of familiar and fresh faces, new covers, and plenty of big laughs. Read on for more on what to expect -- and how to prepare for -- when Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters on May 15.

Consider this your very minor, pseudo-spoiler alert. But if you really are allergic to spoilers, what are you doing reading this? The headline blatantly promises "secrets" about the movie -- get out of here.

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1. Don't Blink or You'll Miss One of the Many Famous Faces.
Seriously, Pitch Perfect 2's cameo game is on-point. Between Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews' penchant for song and dance, the real-life a cappella superstars Pentatonix, and Keegan Michael-Key (who, without spoiling the fun, brings an icon along for the ride), it's merely a drop in the bold-faced-names bucket. Plus, you just know Fat Amy's highly publicized pants-splitting-in-front-of-the-President gaffe is the stuff late-night jokes are made of.

For her part, director and co-star Elizabeth Banks tells ET that she was most excited for a guest appearance from David Cross. "He and I worked together many years ago and he's just one of those amazing improv artists," she said. "I just knew he would bring the exact right tone to the movie. He came up with one of my favorite lines in the movie and just improved it on the day."


2. Brush Up on John Mayer’s Dating History.
Fans can expect a fresh twist on some of their favorite moments from the last flick, including that late-night Riff Off in an empty pool. Remember when Bumper [Adam DeVine] left Barden University to be John Mayer's personal assistant? Well, get ready for a brand new bombshell about the "Who You Love" singer's dating life during one particularly hilarious new scene.

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3. Study Those '90s Jams.
If you happen to be one of those '90s kids that doesn't know their '90s music, best study up. Expect plenty more '90s nostalgia this time around, and we definitely aren't feeling "Torn" about it.


4. Soften Up Like the New and Improved Gemma Teller.
We kid, we kid! Katey Sagal is back in all her overbearing mother glory, like a loving and sane version of her Sons of Anarchy matriarch -- and we loved every second of her (too brief, in our opinion) screen time.

5. Prepare to See (and Hear) Hailee Steinfeld Like Never Before.
Who knew Steinfeld could sing? Perhaps her BFF-ship with Taylor Swift should have tipped us off, but we were pleasantly surprised at the strength of her pipes. The 18-year-old plays a Barden Bella newcomer, seemingly following in Beca's very talented footsteps.


6. Remember: Just Because You Graduate College Doesn't Mean You're Out of the Picture!
Yup, these kids are harder to shake than mono. Between super seniors, campus employees and really involved alumni, it's safe to say that all your favorite cast members are back -- and with real storylines, to boot!

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7. Expect a Lot More Scene-Stealing Screen Time from Rebel Wilson.
And, for that matter, from almost all of the first film's supporting cast! Aca-announcers Banks and John Michael Higgins double down on their politically incorrect jokes, while Ben Platt returns as the delightfully awkward Benji -- this time, with a love interest. "I feel like the first movie was such a perfect set up in a way because you can't help but root for this kid, all he wants to do is sing and be a part of the group, be accepted," Platt tells ET. "And so now that we’ve gotten past that, we can get to know him as a real person now and he gets to experience romance and being more of a man."


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