Surprise! 'Pitch Perfect 2' Cast Picks Their Favorite Celeb Cameos

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So many cameos, so little time!

The Pitch Perfect 2cast dishes to ET about which of the many celeb cameos they were most excited to have in the sequel. So, who's ready to get pitchy?

[Full disclosure: If you want to be 1000% surprised about all the cameos, we suggest you stop reading now. If not, carry on.]

We already know about the Green Bay Packers, so let’s get into a few more super famous faces the Barden Bellas run into along their journey to the world stage!

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1. Keegan-Michael Key

"I didn't work with him personally, but I just love Key and Peele," Ben Platt, who plays Benji told ET. "The fact that he's in the same movie that I'm in. I was just like, 'yeah, that was amazing.'"

2. David Cross (personal fav of the film’s director, Elizabeth Banks)

"I was really happy to have David Cross in the movie," Banks told ET. "I just knew he would bring the exact right tone to the movie. He came up with one of my favorite lines in the movie and just improved it on the day and I thought provided just the right amount of creepy, super fan that we wanted to have."

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3. Anna Camp (Whose character Aubrey graduated from Barden after the first film and became a guest star in the sequel.)

"Anna Camp is back," Brittany Snow, aka Chloe, shared with ET. "Getting to see her again in her new role as camp leader was really fun."

4. Snoop Dogg (Yes, we saved the most epic for last!)

While we can't/won't tell you who he'll be playing or what his cameo will be like, we can tell you how Anna Kendrick felt about having the rapper on set.

"I felt like how like when you're like in middle school and you meet a high school senior and then your mom shows up to pick you up from camp," she told ET. "You're like, 'Oh mom…' I was like, 'Oh my God. I can't believe this. I can't believe I'm meeting Snoop Dogg and I have to sing.'"

We’re not trying to give away all the spoilers here, so check out the video above to hear what celebrity cameos were at the top of the list for the rest of the cast.

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