Twerking, Singing and Lots of Improv: 16 Reasons the Cast Is Even More Excited for 'Pitch Perfect 2'!

It's on pitches! No one is more excited for the release of 'Pitch Perfect 2' than the cast themselves.

The Bellas are back!

Start preparing yourselves now because when Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters May 15, it’s going to be aca-amazing. If you think you are excited about the sequel, you haven’t seen anything yet.

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ET was with the cast at the premiere of the highly-anticipated film and rounded up a few of our favorite moments from the night.

1. Rebel Wilson, aka Fat Amy

"The movie just opened in Australia. It's like the biggest comedy of this year. So it's really, really cool. But I just love being a part of Pitch. I mean the whole cast is so cool, and to be directed by Elizabeth Banks this time around, it's awesome. The star of Hunger Games. One of the stars. It's so cool and I really hope everyone likes the movie!"

2. Elizabeth Banks, aka Gail, and director

"I loved doing it," she said about her first-time directing experience.  "I loved collaborating. This movie's all about teamwork and I had team work in spades. amazing cast and crew, everybody bringing their A-game every single day for 44 days and here we are."

3. Anna Kendrick, aka Becca

"It's totally bonkers and I just want to go and see the fans and hang out with them because it's just so rad that they came out and care at all. It's awesome."

4. Hailee Steinfeld, aka Emily

"Would I do it? I would do anything to have the experience I had making this movie," the Oscar nominee said when asked if she’d be in for Pitch Perfect 3. "Hey listen, if that ever happens, I'm willing."

5. The Green Bay Packers, aka The Green Bay Packers

"We know every word to every one of those songs," Jordan Rodgers said. "We're just big fans of the first movie. … Max Handelman, the producer got wind of it and then from there we just coordinated it and that's why we're here today."

6. Kay Cannon, writer

"I'm not like, reinventing the wheel on the structure," Cannon admitted about her strategy when writing the sequel. "There's no suspense what happens in the end really. I wanted to make sure it was full of jokes, super funny and super funny with songs where you felt good when you left the movie theater."

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7. Brittany Snow, aka Chloe

"I’m in shock. The first Pitch Perfect premiere we were at the ArcLight Cinemas, there was maybe 200 people there, maybe more," she said about the drastic difference between attendance at each premiere. "It was not at this magnitude so it’s a huge honor."

8. Birgitte Hjort Sorensen, aka Kommissar

"This is by far the most spectacular premiere I've ever been a part of. It's amazing. I'm so lucky to be here." As for her favorite song she got to perform in the film? Sisqo’s "The Thong Song."

9. John Michael Higgins, aka John

"I'm shocked every time I show up on the screen," he joked. "It was like, did we say something that you can actually put in a movie? The whole thing is outtakes."

10. Anna Camp, aka Aubrey

"Everybody loves the characters so much," Camp responded when told that people were saying they laughed harder during the sequel than they did in the first film. "Kay Cannon is an amazing writer and I feel like she took it up like a million notches. Like, this is Pitch Perfect turned way up."

11. Skylar Astin, aka Jesse

"Listen, you have Rebel Wilson opening up the movie with 'Muffgate 2015,'" Skylar said about how Pitch Perfect 2 brings on the laughs from the second the movie starts. "It’s a pretty big deal."

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12. Flula Borg, aka Pieter Krämer

"So many humans," Flula Borg, who plays Das Sound Machine’s leading male vocalist Pieter, said about the massive turnout to the premiere. "Normally I’m in a garage eating a biscuit singing songs. This is amazing."

13. Ben Platt, aka Benji

"It was a blast. It’s a new thing for me, I’ve never had an on screen romance going," he said about his character Benji’s infatuation with Hailee Steinfeld’s character Emily. "It was fun and Hailee makes it very easy. She’s just lovely."

14. Chrissie Fit, aka Flo

"I felt like it was the Oscars," she said in awe of the massive production that is the premiere, and teased that the sequel has the same quality. "All the numbers are bigger, better, badder, it’s so fun and exciting."

15. Ester Dean, aka Cynthia Rose

"Look at all these people here. Last time we did it we were an alley," the actress said. "This is amazing."

16. Alexis Knapp, aka Stacie

"This is intense," Knapp said, sharing how different her experience at the premiere is for this film versus the last. "I was on the carpet for like 15 minutes and then I was inside."

Check out the video above to see the Green Bay Packers twerk like never before!