Kevin Connolly Explains Why 'Entourage' Sex Scenes Were 'Awkward'

The 'Entourage' star revealed that shooting sex scenes wasn't nearly as fun as people might think.

While Entourage has long been known for its frequent nudity and a rotating door of female love interests for the four guys, apparently the sex scenes were not have nearly as fun to film as some might think, at least according to Kevin Connolly.

The 41-year-old Entourage star spoke with ET’s Brooke Anderson about his character Eric Murphy, who apparently does quite a bit of hooking up during the film, and Connolly said the hardest part was getting in shape.

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“It amounted to lots of body makeup and dieting,” Connolly explained. “That's why I made sure all those scenes are at the beginning of the shooting -- so I could get that kind of out of the way.”

But it’s not just the required health and fitness that makes it tough to shoot those steamy scenes.

“They're difficult scenes to shoot. Everyone is like, 'Oh it's gotta be so fun.' It really isn't so fun,” Connolly said. “And then you know, I've got a girlfriend and then, you know, this is not my girlfriend, and it can just be sort of awkward.”

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Connolly, who was dating actress Lydia Hearst, are no longer together, but his co-star Adrian Grenier quickly joked that it wasn’t because of the sex scenes.

Fans of Entourage will get a chance to see for themselves when the hotly anticipated comedy hits theaters June 3.Check out the star-studded trailer below.