Zac Efron Channels Calvin Harris' Sexy DJ Persona in 'We Are Your Friends'

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This was bound to happen eventually.

Unattainably attractive person Zac Efron is being paired up with unattainably attractive person Emily Ratajkowski in a new movie agbout DJ's due to drop (like a beat) this summer.

The film is called We Are Your Friends -- titled after a 2006 Justice song, which is also featured prominently in the trailer -- and stars Efron as a super hot DJ struggling to "find his sound."

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He and his friends have read a lot about Instagram.

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And they too would like to make a lot of money.

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It's basically Lords of Dogtown for the millenial generation -- there's even a prominently featured empty swimming pool.

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Zac gets the attention of a big time producer, and has to reconcile his relationship with his friends....

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…With the fact that Emily Ratajkowski (you remember her basically naked from the "Blurred Lines" video!) is interested in him.

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Zamily Efratajkowski.

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Watch the full trailer.

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Apparently, American DJ Bassnectar approves. Although, still no word from Taylor Swift’s EDM DJ beau Calvin Harris


To be honest, it seems like this new picture puts the bro in Warner Bros. But we just really wanna see it for some reason.

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Sorry, we're going to go pull ourselves together for a little bit.

It might interest you to know that Zac Efron has a butt double. Watch him and Zac work their buns below.