Sam Rockwell on 'Galaxy Quest': 'I'd Love to Do a Sequel'

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Give the man what he wants!

When asked about the upcoming Galaxy Quest TV reboot, Sam Rockwell admitted that he really wants Galaxy Quest 2.

“Obviously the film was a great experience,” Rockwell told ETonline. “I’d love to do a sequel. That would be cool.”

Never give up. Never surrender.

But before we get carried away dreaming of Galaxy Quest sequel scenarios, we can get psyched (and a little scared) to see Sam in the frightening reboot of the 1982 classic, Poltergeist.

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“It was gratifying and daunting at the same time,” Rockwell said of modernizing the original, even calling original actors JoBeth Williams and Craig T. Nelson for advice. “They were great, and what they said basically was that the ghost stuff is kind of hard to act. They both said it’s really a child abduction story and that’s what you have to cling to as an actor, and that was really helpful.”

Rockwell and co-star Rosemarie DeWitt admit they have yet to see their version of the film. Sam's waiting to see it with an audience, and DeWitt saw only a rough cut, admitting she needs to see a film multiple times before she can stop criticizing herself.

“The first time you look at it and you’re like, ‘What’s my hair doing?’” DeWitt told ETonline. “The second time I watch how great everybody else is […] and then the third time I kind of don’t feel like we were ever in it.”

But what’s even more strange for the cast is remembering exactly how you were thinking and feeling that day on set while watching a scene.

“You literally have these outer body sensations watching it,” said DeWitt. “You'll remember, ‘Oh, that was the day it was so hot! That was the day I had a burrito and my stomach hurt.’”

“The scene with the rope, [Rosemarie] and I were coming off being very sick,” said Rockwell.

“We were losing our voice and screaming,” said DeWitt. “Which adds little to the dilemma of the characters, I think,” added Rockwell.

Check out this video to find out what scared the duo as children, and what scares them now!

Poltergeist hits theaters May 22. Watch the trailer below.