The 'Batkid Begins' Trailer Will Make You Cry Forever

Warner Bros. Pictures

You're our hero, Batkid!

Warner Bros. debuted the emotional trailer for it's upcoming movie Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the World, which follows the story of Miles Scott, who was diagnosed with Leukemia at 20 months old. His cancer is now in remission.

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Miles had one wish -- to be the real Batman -- so Make-A-Wish turned San Francisco into Gotham City in 2013, and then 5-year-old Miles got to fight crime with Batman as Batkid for a day.

"One of his doctors told us that with this disease, they just become like a fighter." said Nick Scott, Miles' father. "They fight for life."

"And so I think he sees the good vs. evil battle in superheroes," added Nick.

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The event drew thousands, and caught the attention of everyone from Ben Affleck to Pres. Barack Obama, who uploaded a video to vine saying, "Way to go, Miles. Way to save Gotham."

We have to see this movie!!

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Batkid Begins
will be in select theaters June 26.

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