Let's Count All the Abs on the New 'Magic Mike XXL' Poster

Warner Bros.

This is just ABSurd!

Magic Mike XXL
is out July 1, and the new poster for the movie just gives the people even more of what they want.

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Upon first viewing we thought the new poster featured infinite abs. Knowing this is impossible, we decided to dig deeper and do a complete abnalysis of the new poster. Here are our conclusions.

Matt Bomer: 7 abs.

This could be an angles thing, but we do not observe a total symmetry of abs.

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Channing Tatum: 4 abs.

Magic Mike is sideways, because we can't see all of the abs until we've damn well earned it. In the theater. On July 1.

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Joe Manganiello: 8 abs.

Sofia Vergara's fiance has the clearest observable cut.

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Kevin Nash: 4.5 abs.


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Adam Rodriguez: 6 abs.

Solid 6-pack, Adam.

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Total: 29.5 abs

We're sure the Magic Mike XXL marketing team is PRETTY PLEASED with themselves.

(Thank you we are eternally grateful.)

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