Rashida Jones' New Doc Investigates How Porn Companies Are Luring Teenage Girls

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Rashida Jones tackles the adult film industry in a new documentary, Hot Girls Wanted, warning teen girls against the allure of the porn world.

The biggest draw to the porn industry seems to be the promise of fame, but most aspiring porn stars will remain unknown.

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"Not to blame pop culture but rappers talk about porn stars," Jones told Yahoo!. "There are people who have become really famous from amateur sex tapes and are now well respected."

The documentary points out that more people visit porn sites in a month than Netflix, Twitter and Amazon combined. In order to meet the demand from customers, the industry is constantly on the lookout for new talent.

"It turns out that recruiters just post ads on Craigslist and girls just answer them," co-director Ronna Gradus told ET.

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Jones, along with directors Gradus and Jill Bauer, shot the documentary over eight months, getting to see the journey that some girls take.

"They get a free ticket. They come out, and they live in these houses with their agent," Jones said. "They have big dreams about what that's going to mean for them, but there's the grunt work of going out on castings and the first time you're having sex on camera."

Instead of glorifying the porn industry, Hot Girls Wanted provides a sobering reality.

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"It's a very short life in porn unless you break out," Jones told Yahoo!. "The castings slow down. The choices get harder. You introduce fetish porn and torture porn and all this other stuff that you may not have wanted to sign up for."

Hot Girls Wanted begins streaming on Netflix Friday.