Michael Pena Reveals Why Paul Rudd Makes a Great Ant-Man

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Can Paul Rudd pull off a superhero?

That’s the question fans were asking when Rudd was initially cast as Marvel’s Ant-Man. ETonline sat down with Rudd’s co-star Michael Peña, who explained why Rudd is perfect for the role.

“A lot of people don't know that Paul actually grew up [studying] mainly drama and he's a dramatic actor,” said Peña, explaining that Rudd’s audience initially responded well to his comedic roles. “It’s what happens when you’re in Hollywood.”

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And he’s absolutely right. With the exception of a few serious roles like The Cider House Rules, Rudd has been essentially typecast as a comedic actor.

“His background is that of drama which really helps out in this movie,” said Peña. “From what I've seen, he pulls it off.”

But that’s not to say that we won’t be getting the loveable Rudd humor we’ve grown accustomed to – the footage we’ve seen so far proves that the staple Marvel humor is still very much alive.

In addition to Ant-Man, Peña also stars in the upcoming exorcism thriller The Vatican Tapes – out July 24.