13 Fantastic Fictional Fathers From Film

In honor of Fathers' Day, let's take a look at the greatest movie dads!

For Fathers' Day, we'd like to give a little credit to the characters from movies that have shown what it really means to be a father, and have guided many men in their efforts to be the best dad ever.

So, let's take a look at the 13 greatest fictional fathers in movie history!

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1. Edward Bloom from Big Fish

Edward (Albert Finney/Ewen McGregor) spends his whole life spinning yarns for his totally unappreciative son. But despite his kid being kind of a jerk, he never stops loving him and trying to wow him with fantastical stories.

2. Frank Abagnale, Sr. from Catch Me If You Can

Frank (Christopher Walken) supports and protects his con-artist son, facing off against the police, the feds and the world, because of his undying love for his boy.

3. Prof. Henry Jones from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Connery) might be a bit distant from his son, but he's never afraid to protect him and fight alongside him. Their bonding time is one of the sweetest father-son stories in film history -- aside from all the Nazi murder and near-death experiences.

4. Mufasa from The Lion King

If Mufasa wasn't such a great dad, it wouldn't have hurt you so badly when he gets killed.

5. Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird

Not only is Atticus (Gregory Peck) the lone voice of right and humanity in Maycomb, Ala., he also instills a devout honesty in his daughter Scout and his son Jem. He's one of the greatest dads of all time, fictional or otherwise.

6. Bryan Mills from Taken

Bryan (Liam Neeson) has a very particular set of skills: loving and protecting his daughter. He's also pretty good at killing foreign terrorists and human traffickers.

7 and 8. Vincent Ricardo and Sheldon Kornpett from The In-Laws

Two very different fathers (Peter Falk and Alan Arkin), from two very different backgrounds -- one is a dentist while the other is a CIA operative trying to bring down a South American economic terrorist. It's the classic odd couple tale, but with two dads who would do anything for their children.

9. Dill Penderghast from Easy A

Who doesn't want Stanley Tucci as their dad? He's the best.

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10. Big Chris from Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels

The only thing Big Chris (Vinnie Jones) cares about more than unsettled debts is his son and heir, Little Chris. If you hurt Little Chris, you get your head bashed in with a car door. He's a bit scary, but he's a protective father.

11. Mac MacGuff from Juno

Mac (J.K. Simmons) loves and cares about his daughter, but he also is a smart, supportive man who knows a thing or two about parenting. Put this performance against Simmons' role in Whiplash, and it's solid proof that he might be the best actor ever.

12. "Man" from The Road

Man (Viggo Mortensen) protects Boy from the horrors of the post-apocalyptic road. He knows he's dying, and with his last bit of life, he's trying to find safety amid the madness. It's horrible, it's painful, but it's the ultimate testament to the devotion that comes with fatherhood.

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13. George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life

Yeah, yeah, okay -- he DOES try to commit suicide, sure. Not the best attribute, granted. But if you just skip the first two and a half hours, the last 10 minutes will still make you cry. Zuzu's Petals!!

Who's your favorite on-screen dad?