Josh Hutcherson Reflects on Final 'Hunger Games' Film: 'It's Sad for It to Come to an End'

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The Hunger Games series is coming to a close!

Josh Hutcherson is gearing up for his final trip around the world to promote The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 before saying goodbye to the beloved franchise for good.

“It’s sad for it to all come to an end,” Hutcherson told ETonline, adding that he thinks the fans will be happy with how the movie ends.

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But before Katniss and Peeta can reunite, Hutcherson is focusing on a darker project. Escobar: Paradise Lost is a role that challenged him to learn another language.

“I didn’t know any Spanish,” said Hutcherson. “There was a lot more of the script that was going to be me in Spanish, and I went to [director] Andrea [Di Stefano] like the day before we were going to shoot I was like, ‘Andrea, it’s still all in Spanish and I don't know it! So, we're going to have to do it in English!’”

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The film centers on Hutcherson’s character Nick, a young Canadian who falls in love with the niece of the all-powerful drug lord Pablo Escobar (brilliantly portrayed by Benicio Del Toro), thus becoming seduced and caught up in a string of terrible events.

“He brings such a challenging character to life in such a real way,” Hutcherson said of Del Toro. “You can see how somebody would fall in love with the character, and then he goes and does the crazy stuff that he does, the maniacal stuff. It felt really real.”

Escobar: Paradise Lost is out June 26.

Check out the video below for an exclusive look at the film: