EXCLUSIVE: Evangeline Lilly Packs a Punch in New 'Ant-Man' Featurette

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Evangeline Lilly literally packs a punch (right in Paul Rudd's face, in fact) as Hope Van Dyne in Marvel’s Ant-Man.

In this exclusive featurette, Lilly breaks down her character, who is initially wary of Scott Lang (Rudd) as the one to don the Ant-Man suit.

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One of the few criticisms Marvel has received in the past is not knowing what to do with a strong female character. ET sat down with Lilly, who told us why she hopes fans will change their minds with her role in Ant-Man.

“I hope that [fans] come away feeling that they got to witness a fully realized female character with many dimensions and a fully realized story arch,” said Lilly. “I'm really honored to do that in the Marvel Universe because I think that the Marvel team really wants to move in that direction and it's just a matter of figuring out how because it hasn't been done before.”

In the film, Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) arms thief Scott Lang with the ability to shrink in size but increase in strength. Together, Scott, Pym, and his daughter Hope (Lilly) team up to pull off a necessary heist that could save the world.

Ant-Man hits theaters July 17.

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