'The Hateful Eight' Cast Talks Freezing Set: 'People Would Slowly Lose Their Minds'

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Folks went a bit mad on the set of Quentin Tarantino’s highly-anticipated western, The Hateful Eight.

ET was with the star-studded cast at Comic-Con over the weekend and they discussed the frigid temperatures they were forced to endure on set. In order to achieve the effect of a vicious blizzard on the Western frontier, the set was refrigerated to 27 degrees.

“People would slowly lose their minds,” Walton Goggins told ET. “People would resort to muttering to themselves, and [one guy] was walking around and he was like, 'I'm so f***ing cold. I'm just so cold.’”

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“There was no acting required,” said Michael Madsen. “You didn't have to act cold because you were.”

The Hateful Eight, out Christmas Day, is set in post-civil war Wyoming, and Tarantino would go through great lengths to make sure the environment felt as real as possible.

“If you're on the set and you open the drawer, its filled with things that would be in that drawer if it was after the civil war,” said Madsen. “You might not have even seen those things, but they are in the drawer. It’s not that hard to act in a movie like that because it becomes a reality.”

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