Rob Lowe Was on the Set of the Original 'Star Wars'

Rob Lowe is a huge 'Star Wars' fan!

Rob Lowe reveals he was on set of the original Star Wars!

In an interview with ET at Comic-Con over the weekend, Rob Lowe revealed he was a “big Star Wars guy” and got a special tour of the original film’s set.

The Grinder star geeked out with ETonline’s Ashley Crossan over his trip to the Episode IV set.

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“My friends, who were animators, put in the laser beams of the original Star Wars,” said Lowe of his set visit. “They took me to the ILM [Industrial Lighting & Magic] set in the valley where they were shooting the Death Star chase.”

Though we won’t see Lowe in the upcoming Star Wars installment, The Force Awakens, he’s plenty busy tackling three television shows: Comedy Central’s Moonbeam City, NBC’s You, Me, and the End of the World, and Fox’s The Grinder.

Lowe also addressed his recent tweets slamming Ariana Grande’s apology for saying she “hates Americans” while at a donut shop. Check out the video below: