James Bond is 'Just Getting Started' in Explosive New 'Spectre' Trailer

Finally 'Spectre' is giving us a look at all the amazing action we have to look forward to in this highly anticipated film.

The gadgets, the girls, the guns and the general insanity that made James Bond an icon is on full display once again in this new, longer trailer for the franchise's upcoming installment, Spectre.

Like most Bond movies, it's not really important what the story is, and this trailer basks in that fact. Instead of focusing on the plot, we instead get a compilation of epic madness that makes us far more excited than we ever imagined we would be about the movie.

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First, Bond (Daniel Craig) is getting reacquainted with his tricked out cars. After three films with very little in the way of classic gadgets (except for a wonderful call-back at the end of Skyfall to early Bond films' machine gun sports cars), Bond is back behind the wheel of a car equipped with a flame thrower! The car also has a few other "little tricks up her sleeve," according to weapons expert and tech genius Q (Ben Whishaw).

In this trailer, we finally get a good look at Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz), the mastermind behind the SPECTRE organization, who is, as Franz reveals to Bond, "the author of all your pain."

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Gun fights, planes getting their wings smashed off by trees, random fights on icy glaciers, car jumps, Monica Bellucci whispering seductively and huge explosions are all scenes to expect in Spectre! Who could ask for anything more from a James Bond movie trailer?

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Spectre, directed by Sam Mendes, hits theaters Nov. 6. Will it be the best Bond movie yet?