Peter Dinklage's '80s Mullet Has 'Pixels' Cast Reflecting on Their Worst Hairstyles

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Here’s one reason to check out Pixels: Peter Dinklage’s magnificent mullet.

The Game of Thrones star rocks some serious ‘80s hair in the fun new action flick, Pixels, and the cast was all about Dinklage’s ‘do.
“I could not have a bad day when I would walk into the trailer at 5am to Dinklage sitting there getting a mullet glued to his head!” Michelle Monaghan told ET.

“I was definitely intimidated by it,” Josh Gad joked. “It was all encompassing. It took up its own trailer.”

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Dinklage’s epic ‘80s hairstyle had the cast reflecting on their own battles with scissors in the past.

“My ninth through 12th grade was pretty rough on the Sandman's hair,” said Adam Sandler. “My father would comment a lot, ‘Please get a haircut, you idiot.’ I didn't know what he was talking about. Looking back at the pictures, my old man was right.”

“I had some big hair,” Dinklage admitted. “Parted in the middle, feathered, comb in the back pocket. Those were dark days.”

Pixels hits theaters July 24.