Zac Efron Refuses to Play Beyonce in New 'We Are Your Friends' Trailer

Warner Bros.

"My friends and I, we’re from the San Fernando Vallery," Zac Efron announces in the new trailer for his latest film, We Are Your Friends, "that flat stretch of land on the other side of the Hollywood Hills."

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In the film, Efron's character, Cole Carter, and his buddies party and work real estate in the Valley while dreaming of glamorous lives in Los Angeles. Cole, in particular, wants to be a DJ.

"We’re gonna be out of the Valley by the end of the summer," one of his pals declares in the trailer. But despite the sexy shots of Efron romancing Emily Ratajkowsk, brooding in the shower and lounging nearly naked in bed, it looks like the path to the top of the party scene won’t be an easy one.

"You’re not going to get anywhere using the same old sounds that every other laptop DJ is using," offers Wes Bentley, who plays an established DJ that takes Cole under his wing.

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No "same old sounds" and no Beyonce either, apparently.

"This party sucks, L.A.'s dead," whines a bored party girl at one of Cole’s gigs. "Can you play ‘Drunk in Love’?"

"Absolutely not," the DJ deadpans.

We Are Your Friends
hit theaters Aug. 28.

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