6 Reasons the 'Zoolander 2' Trailer Is Everything You've Been Waiting For

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After nearly 15 years, the wait is over -- we're finally getting to see what Zoolander 2 will look like.

And it's really, really good looking.

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The official trailer was released Sunday by Paramount Pictures, and it made us feel all the nostalgic feels for the classic comedy we still can't stop quoting.

These six things, however, were our most important takeaways from the two-minute teaser:

1. Derek Zoolander is still pondering life's important questions.

The very first words out of Zoolander's mouth are, "If God exists, then why did he create ugly people?" He's a very deep thinker, you know.

2. Blue Steel is back.

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Praise be Ben Stiller and those pursed lips.

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3. The sequel title confuses Zoolander.

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In the trailer, the follow-up flick was first written as "2oolander," which is brilliant -- to everyone except the male model, who reads the movie name as "two-hundred-lander." An attempt to re-write it as "Zoolander II" only resulted in the pronunciation "eye eye." As Derek explains it, he can't read Roman numbers because he's "not Italian."

We get it, Zoolander. Puns are hard.

4. It featured a Stephen Hawkings-esque voiceover for over a minute.

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Okay, maybe the voiceover bit went on a little too long, but considering the definition of eugoogly, a Slurpee, a merman and "life's most ancient riddles" (like left turns, of course) were all featured, we will happily accept the outer space homage to the first Zoolander flick.

5. All leopard print, all the time.

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Who needs a Canadian tuxedo when you can cover every inch of your body in animal print? Even Zoolander's tie matches his suit jacket and shirt, because of course it does.

6. 2016 is far away.

We know Feb. 12 isn't that far away, and Zoolander 2 is a pretty good Almost Valentine’s Day present, but six months still feels like it's infinity days away.

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Check out the full trailer for Zoolander 2 below.

Lucky for us, Stiller has also been sharing photographs from the Zoolander 2 set, which, along with the trailer, is helping us make that countdown to February a little bit easier.

There's one mega-fan who can't wait for Stiller's sequel -- Justin Bieber! Watch a sneak peek of the singer's cameo in the video below.