EXCLUSIVE: Hailee Steinfeld Is Stalking a Schoolboy Crush in 'Barely Lethal' Deleted Scene!

It's hard for a teenage girl in high school when she's also secretly a runaway government mercenary.

High school can be hard, especially for a teenage government-trained special ops agent who has faked her own death to try and live a normal life in Barely Lethal.

For Megan Walsh (Hailee Steinfeld) -- a.k.a Agent 83 -- things get very complicated, very quickly when she has to figure out how to get close to a boy.

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Living her whole life in isolation from the outside world and training to be a government operative, she never had a chance to learn the subtle nuances of building relationships.

ETonline has an exclusive look at Megan's somewhat creepy awkwardness in this semi-NSFW deleted scene where she asks her school friend Liz (Dove Cameron) what she knows about one of their classmates, Cash Fenton, who Megan has a crush on.

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Liz isn't able to tell Megan much she doesn't already know, considering she's inadvertently used her training to find out his full name, total family history and even his social security number.

Check out Barely Lethal when it comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray Aug. 4.

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