Mamie Gummer Jokes About Working With Mom Meryl Streep: She Had a Bigger Dressing Room!

The real-life mother and daughter share the screen in Ricki and the Flash.

Meryl Streep's real-life daughter Mamie Gummer one on the big screen in the Oscar winner's latest music drama, Ricki and the Flash. ET got the scoop on what it was like for Mamie to share the screen with her legendary mother.

"She had a much larger dressing room than I did," Gummer teased when asked about the biggest challenge of working with her mother.

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Streep has been an Oscar winner for longer than Gummer, 32, has been alive which would make working with Streep intimidating for any actress of Gummer's generation, but Gummer was mostly anxious because of the hurtful things her character says in the film.

"I was nervous about it, leading up to filming it," Gummer said. "She was fine. I think she was pleased actually. It was funny because I tear into her and when we called cut there was this big grin on her face."

In the movie, Streep plays washed-up rocker Ricki, who returns home after leaving her family behind in pursuit of stardom. Ricki's daughter Julie (Gummer) is resentful of her mother's career and heartbroken after her husband leaves her for another woman.

Streep said she drew on personal family experiences as a working mother to prepare for the role, but clarified that there were some major differences.

"I've never been thwarted. Nobody ever tried to stop me," Streep said. "From the word 'go,' when I wanted to do stuff my parents, my husband, everybody said, 'Go! Go! Go!'"

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Gummer also had a different reality than her character.

"There was no point in my life that I felt abandoned," Gummer said. "My mom worked really hard, and I know sacrificed on both ends, but to really maintain a pretty fair balance, and we were always the priority."

Watch the video to find out what acting advice Streep passed down to Gummer. Ricki and the Flash opens Aug. 7.