'Suicide Squad' Cast Gave Each Other Epic Tattoos



In a somewhat shocking display of on-set camaraderie, the Suicide Squad apparently gave each other "SKWAD" tattoos.

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Director David Ayer tweeted a pic on Tuesday of "Harley’s Tattoo Parlour" and another photo of actress Margot Robbie, in character as Harley Quinn, giving him a tat on his left forearm.

Will Smith, who plays Deadshot in the upcoming DC flick, apparently gave co-star Joel Kinnaman (a.k.a. Rick Flag) his ink. The actor posted a pic of Smith holding the tattoo gun on Instagram, admitting that tattooing is not among his co-star’s many talents.

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"It was like watching a drunk baby fly a helicopter," Kinnaman joked in his caption.

Jai Courtney, who plays Captain Boomerang in the DC bad guy team-up, also shared an Instagram pic of his new tat, adding the "#skwad" and "#harleystattooparlour."

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Co-star Cara Delevingne apparently missed out on the fun, but she retweeted Ayer’s pic of the cast’s big day.


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