EXCLUSIVE: Watch Chloe Grace Moretz Fight Off 'The 5th Wave' in New Trailer

ET has an exclusive first look at the new trailer for The 5th Wave!

ET has an exclusive first look at the new trailer for The 5th Wave, featuring Chloe Grace Moretz taking on a group of extraterrestrials trying to conquer the planet.

The sci-fi film has been described as a cross between The Hunger Games and The Road and stars Chloe, 18, as high school student Cassie Sullivan, who desperately tries to save her brother (played by Zackary Arthur) from the villainous Others after four waves of increasingly deadly attacks have left most of Earth decimated.

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"The first wave knocked out all the power," Cassie says in the trailer. "Then the second wave hit -- an earthquake strong enough to shake the entire planet. With the third wave, disease spread across the world. By the fourth wave, they were among us."

When "they" capture her brother, Cassie is determined to get him back with the help of Evan Walker (Alex Roe) and Colonel Vosch (Liev Schreiber).

The thriller, opening Jan. 15, 2016, is adapted from Rick Yancey's 2013 young adult novel of the same name -- the first in a trilogy that includes The Infinite Sea, available now, and The Last Star, due out next year.