Susan Sarandon on 'About Ray' Transgender Storyline: 'It's Such an Exciting Time'

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Susan Sarandon and the rest of the About Ray cast is helping spread awareness of transgender issues with the new film that's making the rounds on the festival circuit.

Elle Fanning plays the titular character in About Ray, which follows the story of a teenager, who transitions from female to male. In the film, Sarandon plays Ray's grandmother, who is trying to understand her grandchild's gender transition. Naomi Watts stars as Ray's single mother.

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"You have all these special people like butterflies transforming into something else, and can make us all stop and realize that our definitions of what male is and what female is can be so much bigger," Sarandon told special ET correspondent Jazz Jennings.

ET tapped Jennings to interview the cast, as the reality star has been one of the most prominent activists of the trans community.

"There's a lot of teenagers that are like Ray," Fanning said, explaining why this character is the most important she's ever played. "And they're going to hopefully get to see this film. That's amazing. I've never played a character that can relate and help so many people."

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"I find it such an exciting time to be talking about these things and to be able to have the definitions expanded," Sarandon added.

Jennings praised the movie for having characters that that felt authentic to her.

"I feel like this film is so important and I'm ready to see change occur," Jennings said. "And I'm ready for everyone to just be able to live their lives authentically as who they are, and this is just one step closer to making that happen."

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Sarandon praised Jennings for the example she's set for all young people to not be dictated by what other people think.

"That's your whole job, no matter who you are, as you grow up -- to be authentic and kind," Sarandon chimed in. "That's the only thing you have to focus on your whole life."

About Ray will hit theaters soon.