'Steve Jobs' Remembers the Late Apple CEO as a Brilliant-But-Troubled Visionary

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Steve Jobs, one of the legendary geniuses behind the Mac, is getting another biopic after 2013's Jobs with Ashton Kutcher, and ET has scenes from the movie showing how it came together.

"His effect on the way we live our lives is like Henry Ford multiplied by 1,000," said Michael Fassbender, who plays the titular character in Steve Jobs.

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Jobs was known for his iconic Apple product rollouts, but what we never saw was the drama that preceded those keynotes. That's the part of Jobs' life that the film zeroes in on.

"Steve himself was very brilliant and very hard on people -- not just employees but his own family," writer Aaron Sorkin said.

The Oscar winner captures Jobs' monomania in his signature rapid-fire dialogue, which served him well on his previous tech film, The Social Network, and has gained him critical acclaim for The West Wing and more recently The Newsroom.

The star of the HBO news drama, Jeff Daniels, plays former Apple CEO John Sculley in Steve Jobs, and he noted the script as one of the primary joys of doing the movie.

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"For me it was the thrill to see Fassbender and Kate Winslet and everybody else jump on top of Aaron's dialogue like we've been doing in Newsroom," Daniels told ET at the Emmys.

Kate Winslet plays marketing chief Joanna Hoffman, who challenges Jobs in the movie for not prioritizing his family more.

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"When you're a father, that's what's supposed to be the best part of you," she says in a clip from the movie.

Steve Jobs, also starring Seth Rogen as Apple co-creator Steve Wozniak and directed by Danny Boyle, opens Oct. 9.