Hugh Jackman Reveals Why His Wife Was Turned On by His 'Pan' Character

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Hugh Jackman looks nearly unrecognizable in his role as Blackbeard in upcoming movie Pan, but his villainous getup was certainly working for the actor's wife, Deborra-Lee Furness.

"She likes a bad boy," Jackman revealed to ET at the film's junket on Thursday. "She actually said the Blackbeard, that kind of attitude, that works for her."

"The summer of 2014 was good to me," he added with a smile.

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The pair will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary next April, but Jackman can still recall the first time he met his future wife, on the set of an Australian TV show. Jackman expected to run into Furness on set, but instead, met her in the car on the way to film his first scene.

"I was a little intimidated because she was a big star," he confessed of Furness, 59. "I get into the back and say hi, she takes off her seatbelt and turned around in the front seat and she reached her hand out and she was like, 'Hi. I'm Deborra-Lee.' She took her sunglasses off and I loved that. First of all, she was stunning, took the sunnies off and she was just cool. From then on we were best buds."

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So what’s Jackman planning for a big anniversary gift? The 46-year-old actor admitted to ET that he swiped a musically-inspired idea from his pal Mark Ruffalo’s movie Begin Again.

"Remember the splitter moment...Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo with headphones with a splitter so you could both be listening to the same song and walking around?" Jackman recalled of the 2013 film. "I was like, I'm knicking that idea. Thanks Mark!"

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