Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Life as a New Dad: 'It Makes Me Really Happy'

'The Walk' star opened up to ET about his new baby son.

In his new film The Walk, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a daredevil who traverses a high wire suspended between the Twin Towers. But in real life, the actor is taking on an adventure of his own: fatherhood!

"It’s wonderful and it makes me really happy," the 34-year-old actor -- who welcomed a baby boy with wife Tasha McCauley in August -- gushed to ET. "I am just so happy."

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Gordon-Levitt and his wife are notoriously private, keeping the big news under wraps, just like they did with their December 2014 wedding.

"It wasn't that difficult because we didn't tell many people about it," he said of the wedding in an interview with Playboy in September. "As much as some people may disagree, I don't believe a person's private life -- even a person in entertainment -- is a public performance."

While The Walk is family-friendly fare, Gordon-Levitt said he’s not sure how being a dad will affect his choice of roles moving forward.

"I don’t know," he admitted. "We will see."

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The film is based on the real-life 1974 feat of high-wire artist Philippe Petit, who worked with Gordon-Levitt to help him learn how to balance for his portrayal and called him after watching the film to tell him he thought the performance was "beautiful."

"Not everyone who is good at doing something is good at teaching that thing but he was a great teacher," Gordon-Levitt said of Petit. "He really believed that I could do it. And he convinced me that I could do it. Once I believed that I could do it, then I could."

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