Kristen Wiig's Terrifying 'Zoolander No. 2' Character Promotes 'Youth Milk' in New Teaser

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Kristen Wiig’s frozen-faced Zoolander No. 2 character, Alexanya Atoz, is promoting her House of Atoz’s Youth Milk face cream in a new promo for the film.

“Because when you look old, you feel sad,” Wiig’s Atoz says, through a garbled, nondescript accent, forcing her character’s immovable face to attempt emotion. “But when you look young, you feel happy.”

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According to Atoz, “Youth Milk” uses “hydrating chemicals from desert flower cactus” and distilled water from the streets of Indonesia, and apparently has given the fashionista her “youthful” appearance.

“I only use Youth Milk,” Wiig’s character hilariously deadpans. “I have no fillers, Botox, or surgeries.”

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star Ben Stiller’s Instagram account first announced Atoz last April, showing off the character’s disturbing visage and high-fashion wardrobe.

“Very happy to announce Alexanya Atoz has joined the cast of #Zoolander2,” Stiller captioned the pic, on the account that has now been taken over by his male model character.

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Wiig’s character concludes her product pitch with a tagline and terrifying duck-face. “House of Atoz Youth Milk: Let’s get wet.”

Zoolander No. 2
hits theaters Feb. 12.

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