EXCLUSIVE: 'The Choice' Stars on Steamy Love Scenes and Their Dream Nicholas Sparks Co-Stars

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Teresa Palmer and Benjamin Walker star in the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation, The Choice, and opened up to ET about joining the illustrious club of actors -- from Ryan Gosling to Miley Cyrus -- to star in films based on books by the romance novelist.

"I kind of geeked out about it because I was a huge The Notebook fan," Palmer admitted. "I feel like I manifested this role. It was my dream to one day be in my own Nicholas Sparks movie. So it's cool."

"Who doesn't love love stories?" Walker agreed. "I mean it's a great story, with great actors, based on a great book. It's kind of a no brainer."

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The pair star as neighbors-turned-young lovers, Travis Parker and Gabby Holland, in the film and admitted that some of the movie's more passionate scenes were a bit difficult for their respective spouses to watch.

"Luckily both our partners are also actors," said Walker, who is married to Maze Runner star Kaya Scodelario. "I mean when I have to do it, I'm going to be a mess ... It's hard."

"Not my husband's favorite movie that I've been in that's for sure," agreed Palmer, who married Scott Pilgrim vs. The World star Mark Webber in 2013. "He prefers the action ones where I don't have any love scenes."

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The co-stars eased tensions by watching The Notebook together as a group before filming on The Choice began, an idea which Walker said was his co-star's idea. He also wouldn't admit to shedding any tears over the 2004 romance film.

"Oh my god, there were so many tears coming from this direction," Palmer said, ratting out her co-star. "Him and his wife."

"Just talking about it is making me cry," Walker joked.

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The pair also revealed their dream choice for co-star, drawing from the catalogue of Nicholas Sparks' adaptations.

"Channing Tatum he's dreamy," Walker said with a laugh of the Dear John star. "I'd do a movie with him."

For Palmer, it all comes back to The Notebook.

"Allie Hamilton from The Notebook, but like Gena Rowlands, Allie Hamilton," said the actress, referencing director Nick Cassavetes' mother, who plays the older version of Rachel McAdams' character. "'Cause she's the one that broke my heart."

The Choice
hits theaters Feb. 5.

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