EXCLUSIVE: 'Divergent Series: Allegiant' Cast Dishes on the Film's 'Bad Ass' Female Characters

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During an exclusive roundtable discussion with ET, the ladies of The Divergent Series: Allegiant explored the strong but "messy" characters they portray.

"It's like they're strong, but they're also messy," Shailene Woodley told ET. "Everybody has different layers."

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Woodley returns for the third installment in the Divergent series, which co-stars Zoe Kravitz, Naomi Watts, Maggie Q and Octavia Spencer.

In the sci-fi adventure flick, Beatrice Prior (Woodley) and Tobias Eaton (Theo James) get past the wall enclosing Chicago and venture into the world outside, which they quickly learn is more dangerous than ever before. The duo must determine who they can trust as a ruthless battle threatening all of humanity erupts.

"It does help that the women are pretty bad-ass," Spencer told ET.

When it comes to strong female influences in real life, all of the women named their respective mothers as their biggest feminine role models.

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"It's funny, because I think, 'I'm not going to be like my mom,' and then you're completely like your mom," Spencer said. "Which is great, because you don't understand what you're seeing when you're a kid, you know?"

The Divergent Series: Allegiant hits theaters March 18.