EXCLUSIVE: Yes, That's Melissa Rauch Screaming at Jason Segel in 'I Love You, Man'

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Before Melissa Rauch was the adorable (and now pregnant) Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory, or the foul-mouthed Hope in The Bronze – she was a glorified extra, credited as ‘Woman Jogger Yelling at Sydney,’ in 2009’s I Love You, Man.

Remember that scene where Jason Segel is sadly sauntering down the beach and a jogger steps in his dog's poop and proceeds to scream expletives at him? THAT’S Melissa Rauch.

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Rauch had recently moved to Los Angeles when she landed the small part in the comedy co-starring Paul Rudd.

“I was so green on that job that when the director said, ‘camera,’ I didn't know to wait for ‘action!’” Melissa told ET. “I just took off and started running -- they're like, ‘Wait, wait. We're not started yet! You need to come back here!’”

Hiccups aside, Rauch has fond memories of working with her scene partner.

“I remember that Jason Segel was so lovely and so nice, and I remember just being very nervous,” said Rauch. “I had just moved out to L.A. and it was one of my very first jobs and he couldn't have been nicer.”

Rauch has returned to her vulgar roots in The Bronze, out now. Trust us, there’s a pretty crazy sex scene you need to see!