EXCLUSIVE: Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood Are Tracking Down a Strange Case in New 'The Trust' Clip

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Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood are teaming up in the new film, The Trust, which features the pair as a couple of Las Vegas cops who team up to crack a mysterious bank-style vault that they find built into the back freezer room of a small grocery store.

In ET's exclusive clip, Cage’s character, Jim Stone, is trying to convince David Waters (Wood) to dig deeper into the case that leads them to the vault, a heroin dealer who paid off his $200,000 bail with a cashier’s check.

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“What do I think?” Waters tells his partner. “I think that guy has a friend with deep pockets.”

“That’s very deep. Very deep,” Stone responds.

The two then share a bizarre snack, Stone’s specialty of a lemon wedge drizzled with hot sauce, before continuing on the case.

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The pair plan to rob the vault and split whatever they find inside, but the film’s synopsis teases that the two cops might be in over their heads. “By the time they figure out what the vault contains, it’s already too late to turn back.”

The Trust will be available exclusively on DIRECTV April 14, and released in theatres by Saban Films May 13.

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