Emily Blunt Is Frighteningly Perfect in First 'The Girl on the Train' Trailer

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It's the trailer eager book fans have been waiting for.

Emily Blunt stars in the film adaptation of writer Paula Hawkins' best-selling novel, The Girl on the Train, and the trailer, released on Wednesday, is plenty dramatic. Set to Kanye West's "Heartless," the moody first footage is eerily dark to match its subject matter, a psychological thriller that has Blunt involved in a murder mystery involving her ex-husband and her neighbor.

Blunt plays Rachel, an alcoholic, who begins to spy on a couple -- Megan and Scott -- who live near her old home. Rachel's ex, Tom (Justin Theroux), still lives in the home, though now with his new wife and child. Things take a disturbing turn when Megan goes missing, and Rachel is consumed with finding out what happened.

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"I thought the trailer was fantastic," Luke Evans, who plays Scott in the film, recently told ET while promoting his new film, High-Rise, available On Demand on April 28 and in theaters on May 13. "It really got my heart racing. I know what goes on and a lot of people who read the book will know the story, but it really gets you quite excited. There’s some fantastic performances from a really great ensemble of actors."

"It's a great thriller," he added. "I think it has all the elements you want from a good thriller and it is very loyal to the book, which is rightly so since it was such a successful book in the first place."

And if you're getting a similar vibe to 2014's Gone Girl, it shouldn't be all that surprising. Both films are adapted from blockbuster novels, and deal with a missing woman at the heart of the story.

"I'm afraid of myself," Blunt cries at one point during the trailer.

Fans are already applauding 33-year-old Blunt's harrowing performance on social media.

"OMG. Emily Blunt, Oscar winner 2017??" one Twitter user writes.

Allison Janney, Haley Bennett, Lisa Kudrow, and Rebecca Ferguson also star in the highly anticipated movie, out Oct. 7.

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In February, Blunt was spotted on The Girl on the Train set in New York City, positively glowing just days after confirming the news of her second pregnancy with husband John Krasinski.

Watch below: