EXCLUSIVE: Rob Lowe on Squeezing Into 'Butt-Tight Black Underwear' for 'How to Be a Latin Lover'

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Following the cancellation of The Grinder, Rob Lowe got right back to work in a new movie that features him in mostly...Versace Speedos!

"There may or may not be a sequence in this movie where I am in butt-tight black underwear," Lowe playfully told ET during a recent set visit.

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In How to Be a Latin Lover, comedian Eugenio Derbez plays Maximo, a fading gigolo who is kicked out of the house by his aged mistress. Forced to live with his estranged sister and her preteen son, Maximo focuses on finding another sugar mama to support him, but he has competition from his BFF, played by Lowe.

In addition to Lowe, Derbez, Michael Cera and Rob Riggle, the film features plenty of girl power in the form of Salma Hayek, Kristen Bell and Raquel Welch.

"The leading ladies are fantastic!" Hayek told ET. "They get to be sexy and sassy and bold and funny and crazy."

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Perhaps the best combination of "funny and crazy" comes from Bell, who plays an eccentric cat lady.

"She's very compassionate towards anything sad or lonely or in distress," Bell explained. "And she's an eternal optimist, I think. She reads a lot of self-help books, so that's a pretty fun, goofy place for me to start with this character."

And stealing the show is the world's cutest 8-year-old, Raphael Alejandro, who clearly doesn't need any help with the ladies.

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"I think that if a woman likes you, she likes you for who you are, not for who you're pretending to be," Alejandro told ET.

How to Be a Latin Lover opens April 28.