Daniel Radcliffe Goes Undercover As a Neo-Nazi in Intense 'Imperium' Trailer


Radcliffe stars as a FBI agent who infiltrates a hate group planning a terror attack in this gritty drama, based on real events.

Daniel Radcliffe is going undercover in his terrifying new thriller, Imperium.

The former Harry Potter star, whose recent roles in Now You See Me 2 and Swiss Army Man have been relatively fun and comedic, is delving into much darker territory in the upcoming film, in which his character, an FBI agent, goes undercover as a racist skinhead to infiltrate a group of white supremacists suspected of planning a terror attack with a dirty bomb.

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If the trailer is any indication, this could be the 26-year-old actor's most harrowing film to date.

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In this suspenseful, moody glimpse at the intense drama, Radcliffe shaves his head bald, reads up on his racist rhetoric and even gets some unsavory tattoos to pose as a neo-Nazi terrorist, and it soon becomes clear that he is in way over his head.

The film, which is based on real events, was co-written by former FBI agent Michael German, who actually spent years undercover documenting the actions of a neo-Nazi group.

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With the gritty realism of American History X and the undercover tension of The Departed, Radcliffe's new thriller looks like it could be one of the scariest movies of the summer.

Imperium, co-starring Toni Collette, Nestor Carbonell and Sam Trammell, hits theaters August 19.

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